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WWE News: Bray Wyatt's new Fiend entrance music officially released [LISTEN]

Gary Cassidy
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Let him in!
Let him in!

The Fiend made quite the entrance at SummerSlam - and the new entrance music by Code Orange definitely stole the show.

Now, for people who have followed Bray Wyatt around, there's no hiding it - The Fiend's music was a remix of Live In Fear, Wyatt's hugely popular theme song, but covered by Code Orange, who have provided a second WWE Superstar with a theme tune, following that of Aleister Black!

Where can I listen?

WWE Music tweeted out a link to The Fiend's theme on YouTube which you can listen to below.

Of course, the new music wasn't the only interesting thing about The Fiend's entrance, here are five things you may have missed.

What did the original theme sound like?

Instead of Code Orange, this version was by CFO$ and Mark Crozer and had more of a Deliverance feel to it, which went hand-in-hand with Wyatt's old rocking-chair-sitting, backwater-cabin-living, Eater of Worlds character.

What are the lyrics?

Just in case you want to sing along...or read more into the meaning behind the theme...

Yowie wowie
Let me in
Hurt, Heal
Catching flies in his mouth
Tasting freedom while he dares
Then crawling back
Back to the top
Top of the stairs (of the stairs)
He won't see the sun again for years to come
He's broken out of love
Hurt, Heal
Like a cat without a care
Roaming freely through the streets
You can find him in amongst the pigeons in the square (in the square)
He won't see the sun again for years to come
He's broken out of love
Hurt, Heal
I’m really sorry for what I did (Let me in)
All of you forgive me, right?

Of course, the lyrics haven't changed too much from the original version, which was used by the previous incarnation of Bray Wyatt - who hinted at the Fiend character back in 2015.

Do you like the new version of Bray Wyatt's theme? Let us know in the comments.