WWE News: Bray Wyatt's wife files for divorce, Wyatt accused of affair with WWE announcer

Bray Wyatt’s marital life is tumbling

What’s the story?

WWE Superstar and former World Champion Bray Wyatt’s wife Samantha Rotunda has filed for divorce, as per a report by Daily Mail. 

Samantha has accused Wyatt of cheating on her and as per Daily Mail, the woman that Wyatt has allegedly been cheating on Samantha with is none other than WWE ring announcer Jojo Offerman. 

In case you didn’t know...

Jojo Offerman is a 23-year-old ring announcer and is the daughter of former Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Jose Offerman. Jojo had made her first appearance on WWE television on Total Divas and has been involved with the WWE ever since. Currently, Jojo serves as an announcer and an interviewer in the WWE on the RAW brand.

Samantha Rotunda, Bray Wyatt’s estranged wife, had met Wyatt in college and had gotten married to him in 2012. The couple has two daughters together, aged 4 and 6.

As per Samantha, she and Wyatt were separated in March, after Wyatt allegedly "walked out" on the family. 

The heart of the matter

Samantha Rotunda has filed for divorce in the state of Florida from her husband Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt). The official reason given by Samantha for the divorce is due to Wyatt allegedly committing “adultery and misdeeds” by cheating on her. 

Although Jojo Offer hasn’t been named in the divorce proceedings, Daily Mail has claimed that the other woman in Wyatt’s life is indeed her. 

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Further, Samantha has also asked the court to award her the ownership of the couple’s house and has requested to also be awarded alimony and child support. Samantha has also asked for the custody of their two daughters for a “majority” of the time. 

In a counter-petition for the divorce, Wyatt has accused his wife of making “defamatory statements” in an effort to ruin his reputation. Wyatt has requested for an injunction from the court to keep the divorce proceedings private. 

What’s next?

Bray Wyatt and his wife are almost certainly headed for splitsville from the looks of it. Neither party is holding out for any hope of a non-divorce resolution.

The custody battle for their children as well as the alimony and child support requests will be considered by the courts and it could take some time until a resolution on those issues is reached.

There has been no word on the case from Jojo or Wyatt, outside of the court proceedings.

Author’s take

It is extremely unfortunate that Wyatt and his wife have to go through such a difficult time. Even though both him and Samantha appear to be adamant about going their separate ways, the two young daughters that the couple have together are going to be the ones that will suffer the most in this, unfortunately.

Hoping that the couple can reconcile, would be an exercise in futility at this point. I just hope that the proceedings are quick so that the children can adjust to their new lives without being affected too much by the conflict between their parents. 

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