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WWE News: Bret Hart Takes A Shot At current WWE Roster's Ability To Tell A Story 

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Bret Hart knew how to tell a story in the ring
Bret Hart knew how to tell a story in the ring

What's the story?

Bret Hart was considered to be one of the best storytellers in the business in his day, but the WWE Hall of Famer doesn't believe that the current crop of talent has been able to continue his work.

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In case you didn't know...

Storytelling is one of the most basic talents to have in the ring, but it's also one of the hardest to master and it's something that allows the fans to be engrossed in a match.

There has to be more to a match than moves, which is the issue with many of WWE's current roster who are often seen to be going through the motions every time they step into the ring.

Hart wasn't affectionally called The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be for nothing, the former World Champion knows how to tell a story in the ring and also knows when there isn't one as part of a match.

The heart of the matter

Hart recently spoke to TalkSport whilst he was in the UK and the former Champion claimed that the current programme lacks drama and that the current roster doesn't know how to tell a story.

I think I was a better storyteller than any of the wrestlers they've got today. I watched Wrestlemania this year and there's no drama anymore. They do some amazing stuff, there are some incredible athletes, but people don't know how to tell a story.

There are a number of incredible athletes in the company right now since WWE has focused on creating some of the best wrestlers in the world in recent years, but it appears that the could lack the key fundamentals of wrestling.

"Wrestling has it's flows, it will change again as people get tired of the 'phoney' wrestling, I watched my match with Davey Boy at Wembley with some journalists in a bar and they almost bought into it like it was real. The fact that fans reacted so strongly to those two British Wrestlers (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate) shows you it might be going back in the other direction."

What's next?

The British Wrestling scene is bringing a new dynamic into the business once again and given that the United Kingdom Championship is set to take place in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Do you agree with The WWE Hall of Famer's observation? Can the current WWE roster tell a story in the ring? Have your say in the comments section below...

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