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WWE News: Brie Bella reveals Daniel Bryan has been battling depression since he was 25

Rohit Nath
13.62K   //    18 Oct 2016, 19:15 IST
Bryan’s physical battles were only the half of it

Daniel Bryan was forced to retire eight months ago in February after a long career, but an injury-filled career. The concussions obtained over the years became too much for WWE to let him go on to wrestle and now Brie Bella has revealed that Bryan’s personal troubles didn’t end there.

Although he is now the General Manager of SmackDown Live and has been excelling in the role, he has not hidden the fact that he still has a deep desire to wrestle and it is something that keeps him up at night.

He has even gone on to state that he has considered breaking his WWE contract and going and wrestling on the independent circuit, but he is scared to because he is starting a family with his wife Brie Bella who is now pregnant.

Brie herself has revealed that over the past many months, a good chunk of arguments between her and Bryan was regarding him getting back in the ring.

On the latest episode of Total Bellas, Brie revealed that Bryan not only suffers from anxiety and depression but has been suffering from it since the age of 25. He is now 35 years old which means that he has been suffering from it the past 10 years.

What should be noted is that he has only been with the WWE since 2010, which means that he has had depression for around 4 years before his first WWE run started. Brie Bella said that while she was used to his depression throughout the course of their relationship, she has seen the impact of it more in the past two years.

She stated that the depression hits hard, and stays for a maximum of two days and then it goes.

The timeline does seemingly add up, given that the show was shot somewhere after his retirement. So the past two years of Bryan was nothing but a rollercoaster. After he had main evented Wrestlemania XXX, he married Brie not long after.

Naturally, that was possibly the peak of happiness in his life as it would be for anyone, but not long after, his father had passed away and he suffered an injury that forced him to vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Ever since then, he had been on the shelf, and even his 2015 return was cut short as he suffered a concussion, and April 2015 was the last time he ever wrestled.

You can see a clip of Brie opening up about his ongoing battle with depression below:

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