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WWE News: Brie Bella says Daniel Bryan's brain looks amazing

Riju Dasgupta
4.45K   //    28 Nov 2017, 22:00 IST

What's the future of the SmackDown Live General Manager?
Could we see the SmackDown Live General Manager return to the ring again?

What's the story?

WWE superstar Brie Bella was a guest on the 'Chasing Glory' podcast with Lilian Garcia, and she revealed how hopeful Daniel Bryan is about making his way to the ring (no pun intended) following his early retirement, owing to a multitude of concussion-related issues sustained through his career.

According to her eight doctors have given him the nod about a return to the ring, already. However, Bryan and Brie both understand the legal liability aspect of their situation. Bryan is doing everything he can to return to a WWE ring. This could imply that the former ROH standout's return isn't entirely off the cards.

In case you didn't know...

Daniel Bryan is arguably the most 'over' babyface of the modern era of WWE. A phenomenal in-ring technician and a lovable babyface, Bryan had to retire prematurely because of concussion related injuries, sustained over his long career.

Bryan has not lost hope and is constantly looking for a way to wrestle for WWE, yet again.

The heart of the matter

Bella revealed that ever since Bryan found out that he will have to retire from WWE, he's been doing everything in his power to get back to the ring once again:

It's been eight doctors who've been like, you can wrestle! They don't see what the issue is. He's just waiting for the WWE doctors. Other than that, Bryan's brain looks amazing. He's been very dedicated to his health.

She added that they understood the liability aspect of Bryan being unable to wrestle, from WWE's own perspective. However, Bryan is hopeful for a return to WWE.

What's next?

It seems like we're just going to have to hope for the best, and pray that Daniel Bryan gets cleared by WWE's own medical personnel.

Author's take

Daniel Bryan's return would be the perfect comeback story in WWE. As he's admitted several times, WWE does want him to wrestle, but there are issues beyond their control. Bryan could have fantastic matches against several members of the current WWE locker room.

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