WWE News: Brock Lesnar convinced Vince McMahon to let Goldberg beat him

Brock Lesnar was squashed by Goldberg at Survivor Series

After Goldberg squashed Brock Lesnar in less than 2 minutes, the most pertinent question on everyone’s mind was why the match turned out in the way it did. Of course, the fact that Brock Lesnar had been built up as this all-conquering behemoth did add shock value to the way it all went down, but the incredulity from the WWE Universe was still palpable after Survivor Series.

However, the decision to allow Goldberg to run through Brock Lesnar wasn’t taken lightly; in fact, it was only booked at the behest of Brock Lesnar himself. Lesnar and Goldberg are friends in real life, something which prompted the Beast Incarnate to convince Vince McMahon to allow them to continue to do business with each other.

As relayed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newesletter, Lesnar managed to get Vince to agree to put Goldberg over as a force to reckon with. The decision, reportedly, also had to do with the fact that Goldberg couldn’t get into good enough ring shape to have a longer match against Lesnar.

Goldberg, for his part, had also agreed to do more dates with the WWE, rendering his fantasy-warfare-turned-reality match against Lesnar at Survivor Series as just the first one in a sequence that they are expected to have. Now that Goldberg is 2-0 against Lesnar, it would remain to be seen if and how the WWE decide to square the count.

Apparently, the shoulder injury that Goldberg admitted to have suffered in the go-home Monday Night Raw show before Survivor Series did not factor into the decision making behind making this a squash match the likes of which he customarily had in his WCW days.


The above is a short clip that the WWE released about Goldberg after he triumphed over Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

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