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WWE News: John Cena retracts part timer comments about The Rock

John Cena says he apologised to the Rock.

Cena is focused on winning the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX 

On the last episode of SmackDown Live, John Cena made a comeback and announced that he would face the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble. Cena meant business when he said that he had a point to prove to the WWE Universe come Royal Rumble and he would do so at the expense of the current WWE Champion.

Later on Talking Smack, Cena retracted the comments he had made about The Rock when the two were feuding back in 2012-13. Cena has often pointed out in the past, that the Rock had preferred Hollywood instead of wrestling and left the business in search of greener pastures. He, in fact, accused the Rock of being a part-timer.

Speaking about his comments to Renee Young and JBL, Cena said that his part-timer comments about ‘The People’s Champion’ were uncalled for and it was the ‘stupidest stuff ever’. Cena revealed that his comments were targeted to hit the Rock where it hurt and maybe convince ‘The Brahma Bull’ to return to the WWE.

He said that the Rock has gone on to become the highest paid actor in 2016 and that sort of achievement would benefit the WWE as well. He mentioned that he had apologised to the Rock for his comments and the two had reconciled their differences.

Cena mentioned that since he was on the same side of the spectrum for most of 2016 with his work outside the ring including hosting ESPY’s, Saturday Night Live, American Grit and a number of film projects, he understood that his comments were absurd.

Cena also laid to rest the claims that he was transitioning into Hollywood and had one foot out of the door in WWE. He said that he was no longer at the top of the mountain in the WWE and he now had to prove to himself and the WWE Universe that he still had it in him to carry the company.

Here is a video of the segment posted by WWE on Twitter.

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