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WWE News: Chad Gable gets new look and gimmick on SmackDown

Chad Gable
Chad Gable
Modified 09 Sep 2019

What's the story?

This week's WWE SmackDown Live show saw the beginning of a new feud as Apollo Crews and Andrade. Apollo Crews expressed his intention to go after Andrade, with Zelina coming up with a reply.

However, the segment saw a WWE Superstar on the sideline who has not been seen in WWE television for quite a while. It appears that Chad Gable is back and not only that, he is back with a new gimmick and a very new different and outlandish look.

In case you didn't know...

Chad Gable has received several pushes during his time in WWE and each time it has been in a different circumstance. The one thing that has remained common was that he had the gimmick of a legitimate wrestler, similar to Kurt Angle's earlier gimmicks in WWE.

He was paired with Jason Jordan in the beginning in NXT where he experienced a great deal of success. They came to WWE's main roster, continuing as American Alpha and held the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

However, after they were split up with Jason Jordan going to WWE RAW, Gable remained partnerless till he teamed with Shelton Benjamin. He also teamed up with Bobby Roode, winning the tag team titles during their time together.

He has been a singles wrestler again for a while now.

The heart of the matter

Chad Gable was present on the screen next to Apollo Crews during the backstage interview segment. He had a completely new look, with his long hair cut short and wearing a jumper t-shirt with a notepad.


It appeared that they have changed his gimmick quite a bit, but the particulars will only be revealed in the future. While it still looks sports related, there appears to be another layer added. He sent out a Tweet, spelling his name in all caps, with dots separating them. This could be him emphasising he is back, or that the letters of his name are an acronym.

However, this is purely speculation for the moment.

What's next?


Over the next few weeks, the WWE Universe might find out more about Gable's new gimmick. He has been teaming with Apollo Crews on House Shows. It remains to be seen if that will translate to a team-up between the two of them on television.

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Published 12 Jun 2019, 07:27 IST
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