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WWE News: Chris Jericho comments on Jimmy Jacobs situation

Daniel Wood
27.38K   //    18 Oct 2017, 21:28 IST

Chris Jericho has high praise for Jimmy Jacobs following his departure from the WWE
Chris Jericho has high praise for Jimmy Jacobs following his departure from the WWE

What's the story?

This month the WWE fired one of its lead writers, Jimmy Jacobs, following a picture he took with independent wrestling stable The Bullet Club during their 'Raw Invasion' stunt. WWE Superstar Chris Jericho has opened up about Jimmy's firing, and also how influential the writer was In several of Chris Jericho's storylines during his last run with the company.

In case you didn't know...

Recently the Bullet Club, consisting of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll and Adam Page, staged a faux-invasion of Monday Night Raw in a riff of the DX invasion of WCW.

During this invasion, the Bullet Club took up positions outside the venue where Monday Night Raw was filming and Jimmy Jacobs went out to meet them, as they were his friends. They then took the following photograph and Jimmy posted it on Twitter.

This is the photo that got Jimmy Jacobs fired from the WWE
This is the photo that got Jimmy Jacobs fired from the WWE

The heart of the matter

Chris Jericho recently conducted an interview with Metal Injection during his Fozzy tour and he was asked about the Jimmy Jacobs situation. Firstly, he didn't jump to Jimmy's defence, stating that the picture was 'not the smartest of moves' and compared it to a McDonalds worker taking a picture with people at Wendy's,

"I just know as soon as I saw that picture, I was just like ‘ooof,’ with the hashtag ‘#BCInvasion,’ you can’t do that man. I mean, you can’t. Was it a fireable offense? Well, it’s not my decision, obviously Vince thought it was, which tells me there was probably some other stuff going on and that was the final straw.”

However it's clear that Jericho will miss Jimmy Jacobs in the WWE as he revealed the true extent of Jacobs' influence on the storylines Jericho was involved in during his most recent spell in the company,

"…last year, 2016, Jimmy Jacobs was my co-writer on all of it. All of it! And the weeks he wasn’t there I was like ‘I don’t like this, I want Jimmy.’ So he’s very talented, and he really got me. I worked with him a few times and I went to [head writer] Dave Kapoor, I want Scoville, which is his real name, Chris Scoville, on every Jericho promo. No one else. Because that’s how much I trusted his talent, his instincts.”

What's next?

Since the news broke that the WWE has fired him, Jimmy Jacobs has released a t-shirt with a newspaper page containing news of his sacking and has appeared in another photo with the Bullet Club during an ROH show, so he clearly hasn't taken his firing badly.

Author's take

Hopefully, these comments from Jericho will help to highlight just how influential Jacobs was as a writer in the WWE; 'The List' was Jimmy Jacobs' idea, the Chris Jericho and Kevin Owen's 'Best Friend' storyline was Jacobs' idea. You get the point; regardless of whether or not he deserved to be sacked, it can't be argued that he will be missed.

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