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WWE News: Chris Jericho claims that The Rock will run for and become the US President

Johny Payne
1.98K   //    21 Sep 2017, 20:26 IST

Y2J is pretty confident in the Rock's chances of becoming POTUS.
Y2J is pretty confident in the Rock's chances of becoming POTUS.

What’s the story?

In a recent edition of The Rich Eisen Show, Chris Jericho revealed that the prospect of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson running for the post of POTUS (President Of The United States) is a highly realistic possibility.

On that note, Jericho asserted that not only is the chance of Rocky running for President is definitely high, but the latter winning the elections shouldn’t really come as a surprise given the Rock’s charisma and likeability.

Additionally, Y2J elucidated that if someone like Trump could ascend to the Oval Office, a fellow celeb like The Rock could do the same.

In case you didn’t know…

Donald Trump is widely regarded as one of the most unlikely people to have ever been elected as POTUS. He also has a long history as a reality TV star and oft-derided businessman.

However, given Trump’s election to the office, the entertainment and professional wrestling industry has been abuzz with rumours of The Rock potentially making a Presidential run very soon. 

The heart of the matter

Chris Jericho expounded on the topic of WWE Superstars breaking through into the mainstream media— citing John Cena’s ventures into Hollywood’s comedy genre, Dave Bautista’s success, etc— following which he opened up on the Brahma Bull’s chances of running for and winning the Presidential elections, stating:

“I have no doubt that that (The Rock running for POTUS) is going to happen. I think we’re in the era now of celebrity presidents (for instance) I think our current President (Donald Trump) got in because he knew how to work a camera.”
“I think Rock knows how to work a camera better than Trump does, and has much more charisma, and is much more likeable. You don’t even need experience to be a President anymore! All you need to do is just have that celebrity value.”

Furthermore, Jericho strongly emphasized that he honestly thinks the Rock will run for President.

What’s next?

Chris Jericho is presently busy with his music obligations and has been promoting his new book as well.

The legendary performer is unlikely to return to the WWE before the Royal Rumble.

Author’s take

I’ve got to agree with Chris Jericho here. The Rock definitely has a chance of becoming The United States President. Even though it seems implausible on the surface, he certainly is charming enough to register an upset at the polls.

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