WWE News: Chris Jericho On Why He Confronted Brock Lesnar After SummerSlam 2016

Lesnar and Jericho
Lesnar and Jericho

What's the story?

Back in August of 2016, the biggest story making the rounds was that Chris Jericho had confronted Brock Lesnar backstage following his brutal victory over Randy Orton in Summerslam's main event.

The finish of the "Beast" vs. "Viper" main event involved Lesnar smashing Orton with a few legitimate elbows to the head which busted the former "Legend Killer" open and ended the match. It was one of the most brutal endings to a match in recent memory, and after it happened, Jericho expressed his concern for Orton, and asked if that was the planned finish, which aggravated Lesnar after he came backstage.

This led to the two men having to be separated behind the curtain, as things got pretty heated almost immediately after Lesnar came to the back.

In case you didn't know

On Thursday, Chris Jericho appeared on the Sirius XM show Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, where he explained what happened in great detail. He also talked about whether or not he still has heat with Brock Lesnar.

The heart of the matter

During Jericho's appearance on the show, he was asked by co-host Sam Roberts about his confrontation with Lesnar back in 2016, to which "Y2J" replied with the following:

"[Lesnar] did some stuff that I felt he shouldn't have done, and no one would tell me if it was supposed to happen or not. Then he started yelling at me, and I was like 'f*** this guy' and started yelling back.
"I was face to face with him and I just remember thinking he's got the biggest, ugliest nose, and I'm like 'if he does anything I'm just gonna bite his nose off.' That was my plan because he's going to kill me either way, but he'll kill me with no nose.
"I also wanna say that I respect Brock Lesnar and what he's done with the business, and how he has really made a lot of money. So I wanna say that I don't think he's a d***, we just had an issue and now it's done."

What's next?

Who really knows what's next? As everyone knows by now, Chris Jericho is now with All Elite Wrestling, and rumor has it that he does want to have a match with Brock Lesnar in the promotion. Lesnar could be a free agent soon, so there's at least a small chance that the match could happen at some point, although it's highly unlikely that WWE wouldn't match any offer that AEW gave "The Beast."

What will happen to WWE without Roman Reigns? Hear it from a living legend himself.

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