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WWE News: Chris Jericho puts 1-800-Flowers on The List

No one can escape the wrath of The List.

The List of Jericho continues to grow

What’s the story?

It has not been a good week for Chris Jericho. On Monday night Jericho was destroyed by his (former) best friend Kevin Owens at the end of the Festival of Friendship, and Valentine’s Day failed to bring any respite for Y2J when 1-800-Flowers failed to deliver his romantic flowers on time.

Jericho subsequently took to Twitter to air his displeasure with the company, discouraging his followers from using the company and also deriding their customer service.

Inevitably Jericho’s fans took this to mean that 1-800-Flowers became the latest addition to The List. The company’s Twitter customer service bots have seemingly replied to all of Jericho’s followers on the post expressing a desire to help resolve the issues of each.

In case you didn’t know...

Jericho’s bromance with Kevin Owens is over and the two are now likely headed towards a showdown at WrestleMania 33. Owens turning on Jericho has been coming for a long time, but the inevitability of the turn didn’t make it any less engaging. 

This has nothing to do with Jericho’s issues with the flower company, however. 1-800-Flowers was established in 1976 and is considered something of a pioneer in the retail industry, being one of the first companies to use a 24-7 toll-free telephone number and the internet, in order to directly sell to its customers.

The company struggled for years before being bought out by Jim McCann in 1986, and the early ‘90s saw it take advantage of current affairs and technological advancements to become a major player in the flower retail industry.

None of which stopped them from being added to The List.

The heart of the matter

Valentine’s Day is obviously one of the busiest times of year for flower companies and as such, issues will always abound with efficiency and time-keeping. Jericho won’t be the only individual who had their bouquet delivered late, but he was probably the most famous of the lot and one not willing to simply get angry about it and let it pass.

What’s next?

Will the feud continue? Kevin Owens is surely being ripped apart inside by the guilt of breaking his best friend’s heart, could he try to bring 1-800-Flowers into the fold to reconcile with Jericho and improve the standing of the company simultaneously? Will we ever know if Jericho received his flowers? Has Jericho made it onto his wife’s List?

Sportskeeda’s take

Don’t order flowers online on Valentine’s Day as you are simply asking for an issue to arise. If the day is important to you and your beloved, it is always wise to head out to the store and buy them first hand, to save any and all List-related misdemeanours. 

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