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WWE News: Chris Jericho reveals he stalked Yoko Ono

2.08K   //    11 Sep 2017, 00:34 IST

Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania

Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania

What's the story?

Wrestling Inc reported that Chris Jericho, during a press run for his new book, 'No is a four letter word', talked about a creepy encounter that he had with Yoko Ono.

In case you didn't know.....

Jericho is not you everyday typical wrestler and due to his interests outside wrestling with his band Fozzie, he has had numerous chances to meet plenty of people and Yoko Ono seemed to be one of them. He is currently not under contract with WWE and is on tour with his band Fozzie while also promoting his new book.

Chris Jericho is the author of three previous books and is now releasing his new book 'No is a four letter word' soon.

The heart of the matter

Chris Jericho revealed during an interview that he had done something really creepy during the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. At the ceremony, he 'stalked' his long time idol Paul McCartney till he managed to get a high five from the Beatles star.

That was not the creepy part, however. Chris talked about what happened after this while he was in the bathroom, as Yoko Ono walked in and everyone else cleared out. Jericho being the man he is, did not do so and proceed to hide crouched on the toilet. He would later get off when she was washing her hands and starts washing his hands talking to her.

"I might get dragged out of here and get the s**t kicked out of me by these giant security guards that are following her around, but no I go sit on the toilet crouched on it like you're a teenager hiding from Jason in a Friday the 13th movie. And in she comes, she goes pee, she comes out, I'm like here I go. I go up and wash my hands with Yoko Ono together talking. But to wrap that around this principle around Jericho being a complete creep, and it was a creepy thing to do. Guilty as charged."

What's next?

Hopefully, that was the only time Jericho hid in the bathroom stall to meet a star, but Jericho being Jericho, one can never know.

Jericho will take a while to return to the ring, as he said that he would wait till he got a storyline he liked before he made a return.

Author's Take

One of the more hilarious yet creepy stories related to Jericho, there is a chance that being the consummate professional that he is now, he may actually turn this into a gimmick of a stalker the next time he returns to WWE.

Going by how well DDP's stalker gimmick went though, Jericho should resist the urge if it should ever strike him again.

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