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WWE News: Chris Jericho reveals his advice to Neville about Enzo Amore

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Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 28

What's the story?

While he was a guest on the Busted Open Radio, IWNerd reported that he busted open a few secrets about how he advised Neville about working with Enzo. He claimed that he had the idea of putting Enzo in the Cruiserweight Division months before it actually happened.

In case you didn't know....

Enzo has a lot of heat in WWE, while Cass was being groomed for a huge singles push. Jericho said that he felt Enzo would provide a lot of star power to the Cruiserweight division, something that it was severely lacking in. Enzo worked on the main roster of RAW in his singles run, mainly jobbing out to Cass in each match.

The heart of the matter

Chris Jericho talked about how he had the idea for putting Enzo in the Cruiserweight division to help build the brand up. The Cruiserweight division was struggling for a long time and has had low ratings for a while.

He revealed that he told Neville about how to deal with Enzo months before his actual Cruiserweight Division debut.

“I told Neville this months ago, I said, ‘There’s gonna come a time when you’re gonna have to make him look good, that’s the job of guys like you and me. It doesn’t matter if he’s good. That’s not his responsibility, that’s yours now. Neville’s gonna have to do anything he can to make that match work the same way that all the great workers in time do that.”

What's next?

With Enzo now having debuted on 205 Live, it's presumed that he will start a feud with Neville. His mic skills are clearly his biggest strength and it's what kept him popular on the main roster for so long, but if the matches do turn out to be any good, Neville hopefully remembers Y2J's veteran advice and carries him in the ring.

Author's take

Enzo has managed to accumulate a lot of heat over time in the backstage of WWE, and being constantly jobbed out has not done his image any good. If he is to mean anything to the Cruiserweight division, he will need a huge push and rack up those wins.

As unlikely as it sounds for Enzo, it may not be all bad for him as there is a custom in the WWE that after a wrestler is punished enough for the things that he did and if they took the punishment amicably, they are given a push and all is forgiven.

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