WWE News: Chris Jericho talks about learning from Stu Hart

Chris Jericho had an interesting conversation with Chael Sonnen on the podcast

Chael Sonnen is a renowned personality in the world of MMA. His online podcast has featured a who’s who from the world of professional wrestling and MMA including the likes of Nate Diaz, Scott Stiener, Nick “Magnus” Aldis and Cat Zingano. But episode 128 of the podcast featured none other than nine-time WWE Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho.

Sonnen introduced Chris as a pro wrestler but also mentioned that he was a multi-talented man and was the lead vocals for his band Fozzy. Before the interview, Sonnen mentioned an interesting incident where he had met Jericho on a flight to Portland and Chris was very nice to him and got him eight front row tickets to the next night’s RAW. Sonnen recalled that it was the best night that he had ever had watching wrestling and was thankful to Jericho for that.

On the podcast, Chris spoke about a number of issues including his latest spat with Brock Lesnar. Chris also spoke about Stu Hart and his training in the Hart Dungeon.

When asked about what sort of a person Stu Hart was and the training he received, Jericho said that the Calgary style of wrestling was a hybrid of Japanese, Mexican, Canadian and American style of wrestling. He said that Stu’s basement was aptly name the Dungeon because it wasn’t like a gym with a lot of fancy equipment but more of a small room with a few pipes, a radiator and a small ring just 6 inches above the ground. Chris said that he had met Stu Hart when the Calgary promoter was about 80 years old.

He recalled his first experience with Stu saying that Stu had asked him to take a back body drop on his first day and Chris landed on his feet. Stu didn’t like that and took Chris in a sort of Anaconda vice submission position and pushed his jaws shut. Chris admitted that it was Stu’s style that made the guys stronger.

Y2J also spoke about the altercation between him and Brock. He said that he felt that the finish to the match was brutal and he was worried about his friend Randy. He agreed that Brock is a Beast but he was not the sort of guy who would back down from an argument.

Jericho revealed that he was working a heel persona at the moment. Of late, Jericho has become one of the most enjoyable persons to watch on Monday Night RAW. he said that the catchphrases like ‘Stupid Idiot’ and ‘Gift of Jericho’ were getting heat when he started with them earlier this year but gradually the fans became invested in it and thought that it was fun to say it with him. That has made him one of the more likable heels in the company now.

Jericho also iterated the importance of maintaining Kayfabe in the business. He recalled an incident where he had refused to sign an autograph for a kid in the elevator. He said that it was hard to do that but he did it because he was a true heel at that time and he wanted to keep true to his heelish persona. Jericho said that the true heel gimmick was gradually losing purpose with many superstars including those in the Indies breaking Kayfabe to click pictures or sign autographs.

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