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WWE News: Chris Jericho talks about WWE acknowledging Roman Reigns' suspension

3.88K   //    07 Jul 2016, 17:06 IST
Chris jericho
Chris Jericho is liking his new role in WWE

Chris Jericho recently spoke with The International Business Times to promote his upcoming venture with Podcast one. During the interview, Jericho answered questions related to his latest WWE run and more. 

Most notably, Jericho talked about how WWE officials haven't hesitated in mentioning Roman Reigns' suspension on TV which has surprised many people due to the fact that WWE Is known for being very selective about acknowledging such things. Chris said that it's a smart move on WWE's part because Roman has been pushed as the next face of the company very aggressively so they couldn't have boycotted it.

According to Jericho by accepting his suspension in public, WWE showed that their wellness policy is legit and is equal for all WWE superstars. In this way, they have also saved him from all the backlash he could have faced later in the career due to this incident. Now as they have accepted it, fans will talk about it for sometimes and move on. 

The former world champion also talked about his current WWE run where his job is mostly to put young WWE talents over and said that he is enjoying it. He said that his heel turn was planned long ago, and even when he came back as a face, he knew that he was eventually going to become a heel.

And let’s face it, Jericho is brilliant as a heel

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