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WWE News: Chris Jericho's hilarious new song about 'The List'

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Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

What's the story?

In a recent video on The Kicker, WWE Superstar and singer Chris Jericho showed off his impromptu singing ability with a hilarious song about his 'List' gimmick, the video which you can view below.

In case you didn't know...

Apart from being one of the best and most popular wrestlers of his generation, Jericho is also an accomplished musician.

"The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla", as he likes to call himself, is the vocalist of heavy metal band, Fozzy. The band was formed in 1999 by Jericho and the band's guitarist, Rich Ward, and have released seven albums, the latest album titled 'Judas' released earlier this year.

Apart from being the singer of the band, Jericho also plays the piano.

The heart of the matter

Jericho is seen having a jam session with David Ingber and Garth Kravits to promote his book No Is A Four Letter Word. He started the interview by narrating an incident about how he had a miserable time after becoming the WWE Champion in 2001 and how wrestling is not as glamorous as people think it to be.

The trio rocked out to an impromptu blues number on that very theme, titled 'The Championship Blues'. The next song was about how a promoter wanted him to be a cowboy while Jericho didn't, while the final song was about Jericho's very popular 'The List of Jericho'.

The song was in the heavy metal genre where Jericho informs people that they aren't on the list through song!


What's next?

Jericho is currently on a hiatus from the WWE as he is touring with his band. His last appearance in the WWE was on SmackDown Live on July 25th where he lost his rematch for the United States Championship.

Author's take

Jericho is a musician who is incredibly versatile and a very funny person, too! It's always great to see wrestlers do well outside the ring, but we hope that we can see Jericho have one last feud in the WWE before he hangs up his boots, and his List!

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