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WWE News: Chyna's mother approved by court to run her estate, ex-manager is no longer in control

Rohit Nath
826   //    26 Oct 2016, 14:27 IST
The “Ninth Wonder Of The World” reportedly had her estate meddled with

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin said that the estate of the late, great, Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna, will finally come under the control of her mother and not her former manager.

Janet LaQue, Chyna’s mother, said,  “My petition to the LA superior court to become Joanie’s estate administrator with “special letters” has been approved and gone through.  YEAH!!!!!! This is a very big deal for me.

This is not too widespread a story, so let’s explain the context of this. After her death, Jan LaQue accused Chyna’s ex-manager Anthony Anzaldo of meddling in her daughter’s affairs. This includes primarily taking control of her estate, and also not following a trail that would permit collection of royalties from films and TV shows that Chyna appeared in.

Jan LaQue requested the court to stop Anzaldo from “usurping” her efforts to take control. Anzaldo reportedly even owns a $5,000 Cello that belonged to her and possibly more of Chyna’s valuables.

It is interesting to note that Chyna’s mother requested months ago, that detectives to take a closer look regarding the circumstances around Chyna’s untimely death. Anzaldo gave out a statement regarding the matter:

I’m not at war with Chyna’s mother. She should be the executor. I was just here, merely, to help when it was asked.

Chyna’s mother issued a statement on Facebook recently, regarding her stance on her daughter potentially being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. She stated that she fully supports the decision, especially given that it was something her daughter really wanted. 

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Stephanie McMahon herself said that we will see the Ninth Wonder Of The World in the Hall Of Fame at some point and that her contributions cannot be denied. Anzaldo was under the belief that Chyna’s death was due to drug related issues.

Here’s a video of WWE refusing Chyna’s calls and her reaction to it:

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