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WWE News: CM Punk and Rey Mysterio pay emotional tribute to Eddie Guerrero

Soumik Datta
9.62K   //    19 Apr 2019, 14:53 IST

Eddie Guerrero as the WWE Champion
Eddie Guerrero as the WWE Champion

What's the story?

WWE veteran Rey Mysterio recently took to his Instagram handle and posted a throwback picture of the classic three-way match between himself, CM Punk, and the late great Eddie Guerrero.

Punk, in response to Mysterio's post, shed some further light on the background of their match and also had a few emotional words for Eddie.

In case you didn't know...

Back in the year 2002, former WWE World Champion, Rey Mysterio wrestled Eddie Guerrero and former WWE Champion, CM Punk in a Triple Threat Match under a promotion called IWA-Mid South.

The match is surely worth checking out, for all those who haven't already.

The heart of the matter

Rey Mysterio took to his Instagram handle and posted a throwback image of his three-way match against Eddie Guerrero and CM Punk, claiming that he never imagined how their (referring to himself, Punk, and Eddie) destinies would change after this particular triple threat match.

In response to Mysterio's post, Punk opened up about the backstory of this particular match, claiming that this three-way took place right after Eddie was fired from the WWE and made his way over to this particular show at IWA-Mid South.

Punk, in addition, noted that Eddie didn't miss a beat in the ring, despite the fact that he was certainly going through a rough patch, whereas, Mysterio also did everything he could on his behalf in order to help Punk in the ring as well. (H/T: WrestleZone)

People should know how good Eddie really was. He was in a rough spot. Recently fired, home front was turbulent. He came to this show and looked tired. Said to me “I hate three ways. If it’s okay with you, can you and Rey put something together and just call it to me?” I wasn’t sure that was possible. He didn’t miss a beat. And you Rey, so open and giving to a little punk Indy kid. You laid out a masterpiece and I wasn’t sure I could keep up. One of the early times I remember being in the ring and thinking to myself, “this is fucking MAGIC!” A pleasure. An honor. I miss Eddie, truly fortunate to have worked him as many times as I did. I feel the same about you Rey! Legends, who treated me like an equal, and I’ve never forgotten it. Viva la raza!

What's next?

Rey Mysterio is currently a part of the Raw roster, whereas, CM Punk is keeping himself busy in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.