WWE News: Cody Rhodes announces split from WWE on Twitter

Cody Rhodes has more recently been performing as Stardust in the WWE.

It seems that Cody Rhodes’ time with the WWE may have come to a close.

Although he has recently been performing as the painted superstar Stardust, Rhodes has maintained @PrinceCGR as a personal Twitter account more based on his real life than his wrestling persona. He sent out a pair of tweets from that account Saturday that suggest he’s leaving the company.

The Stardust character had struggled to maintain a footing on the WWE’s cards despite competing in ladder matches for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at the last two WrestleManias. Posts on social media and other rumors had led many fans to speculate that Stardust, real name Cody Garrett Runnels, might return to his Rhodes character.

That will apparently not be the case, at least in the WWE.

His wife, WWE ring announcer Eden Stiles, reacted to the news through her Twitter account.

In his WWE career, Rhodes – son of deceased wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes and brother of Goldust – has won the Intercontinental Championship twice and tag titles six times. If he chooses to remain in the pro wrestling business, there’s little doubt that he could find success in another promotion like Ring of Honor, TNA or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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