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WWE News: Cody Rhodes receives invitation to tag with Goldust at WWE Starrcade

22.56K   //    19 Sep 2017, 04:13 IST

Will he accept the offer?

When WWE announced they were holding a Starrcade event it turned a lot of heads. It looks like they're going to go a very cool direction with this event. It might have an old-school feel which could appeal to a lot of the traditional fanbase.

There is a lot of history attached to the name Starrcade so they need to do it right. But the idea of holding the show rubbed Brandi and Cody Rhodes the wrong way.

After all, Starrcade was Dusty Rhodes' brainchild and WWE didn't seem to have an interest in putting together a Starrcade event while The Dream was alive. But now they seem to have a sudden interest. It is a puzzling circumstance and Brandi wasn't shy about bringing attention to this fact.

Cody Rhodes sent out a message to Michael Hayes about the Starrcade show. He said if WWE has to put on the show, the least they could do was book his brother Dustin Runnels better known to many as Goldust.

It didn't take long for Michael Hayes to respond. In his reply, he presented an offer for Cody Rhodes to perform alongside his brother Goldust at the upcoming Starrcade event.

If this really went down it might present a bridge to bring Cody back to the WWE, or at least he might get the permission to use his last name again. Starrcade just got a lot more interesting.

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