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WWE News: Cody Rhodes unhappy with the Dusty Rhodes bear segment that aired on this week's RAW

Rhodes voices his opinion on Twitter.

The American Dream died on June 11th 2015

In the aftermath of a backstage segment between the GoldenTruth, Bayley and The Club that was featured in this week's edition of RAW, Cody Rhodes voiced his opinion on Twitter and conveyed his unhappiness over the entire situation. Here is what the son of late Dusty Rhodes tweeted via his official Twitter account.

The segment featured Bayley giving Goldust a polka-dot bear in honour of the late “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Goldust was greatly moved by the present but unfortunately for him, The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) interrupted and ripped off the head of the bear.

The incident should see the two factions face each other for the foreseeable future and a match between the two stables was also broadcasted tonight.

The Club won the encounter with a quick roll up, but the animosity between the two stables was very apparent. While some people might say that Dusty would have approved the segment to direct major heat towards The Club, no one can deny that the controversial storylines like these tend to bring more heat on the promotion than on the wrestlers involved.

Even though Anderson dismantled the bear, it was the WWE creative team that gave him the approval.

With everything set and done, it does give a purpose to The GoldenTruth who were previously lost in the shuffle courtesy of the irrelevant storylines they were forced into. We hope that something good comes out of it and the duo gets some limelight after all that they have been through, in the past year.

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