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[Video] WWE News: Daniel Bryan's entrance at CWC sends fans into frenzy

Daniel Bryan still creates amazing fan reaction

Bryan as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Earlier this year, on February, the former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan announced that he is going to retire from his pro-wrestling career. While several wrestling fans felt that it was a way to get out of the contract with WWE and pursue his career in some other promotions, Bryan declared that he was still signed with the company for three more years. 

WWE announced that Bryan would continue to appear for them in non-wrestling roles alongside his wife Brie Bella. Officially recognized as WWE Legend, now Bryan will be hosting the global cruiserweight tournament conducted by the company, along with lead SmackDown announcer Mauro Ranallo.

As the tapings for the CruiserWeight Classic were held last night, some fans recorded Daniel Bryan's entrance at the event. One of such recordings was posted on Instagram and it looks like WWE Universe’s craze for Daniel Bryan has not lost its fervor.

Daniel Bryan had two stints in the company. After a brief run in 2010, he was fired. But the officials soon re-signed him and it was the beginning of his Hall of Fame worthy career. In just 6 years, he won the Money in the Bank contract, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship and even managed to capture the biggest prize of sports entertainment, the WWE World Championship, for 4 times.

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