WWE News: Daniel Bryan explains his concussion situation in great detail and suggests that he really can wrestle again

Daniel Bryan re
Daniel Bryan retired in February 2016
Rohit Nath
Modified 19 Aug 2017

In the latest episode of Edge & Christian's Pod Of Awesomeness, Daniel Bryan was the guest, and he went into great detail about his concussion and retirement situation. If you didn't believe that Bryan should wrestle again, you probably will now.

Credits to Reddit user Sweggeh for summing up the details of what Bryan said.

The timeline starts with the fact that Bryan had already been cleared by non-WWE doctors. WWE then sent Bryan to their special doctors who had also cleared him. Apparently, this was not enough for WWE, so Bryan went to get a 3rd opinion, which he did at UCLA with the help of concussion specialists who had him go through several different tests. He was cleared once again.

We go closer to his pre-retirement time. He had to go through tests where doctors had wires hooked onto his head. This was for impact and reflex testing. This was when he was told that he had a lesion in a certain region of his brain. He was then told that he would have to retire. This was when Vince told him to come to RAW for Seattle for his retirement speech.

Although he didn't want to do the retirement speech, Brie had convinced him that it was in Seattle, which is more or less his hometown crowd, and he wouldn't get the opportunity again.

After all the buzz died down, he got a call from one of the doctors who had asked him what made him retire. He told him that he had a lesion on the brain. Now this is where things get really interesting:

He tells the doctor that they found a lesion on his brain. And then the doctor tells him that in medical terminology, a lesion does not mean what it usually means. Bryan thought it meant he had a cut on his brain, but the doctor says that in medical terminology, a lesion is a very vague term. It just means that something is there. Not necessarily a cut or anything like that.

The doctor took a look at the report which said that he had a lesion. Bryan's brain reflexes in that region were slower than anticipated, which is why they wrote in the report that it was a lesion.

Again, courtesy Reddit user Sweggah, things only continue to get more interesting:

That region of his brain had a slow reflex compared to MMA fighters and football players and athletes that they usually test at that facility. It did NOT have any reflex that is slower than what you would expect in a normal human being. And since Bryan is a performer and not really a sports person, obviously you would expect his reflex time to be closer to an average persons, not a high level sports athlete.

The doctors also had no information on the pace of his brain reflex in the past, so it couldn't be measured. Since Bryan is a performer and not a sportsman, it's only expected that his brain reflexes would be slower than an MMA fighter or other athletes.

At the Joe Namath Institute, he was told that he is not at risk of brain damage despite having concussions. He also said that with the amount of time he's had off, his brain could look like someone who never even played a contact sport before. He went on to say that he was sad that the prime years of his career were wasted.

Bryan said that if he ever found a problem that would actually make it dangerous for him to wrestle, he would not do it. It should be noted that he did NOT blame WWE for what they did and says that they did what they felt was best.

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Published 19 Aug 2017
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