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WWE News: Daniel Bryan is confident he will wrestle again

He may even wrestle for WWE!

How cool would it be to see him return to the ring, one more time?
How cool would it be to see him in the ring, one more time?

What's the story?

When one thinks of percentages and wrestling, one invariably thinks of Scott Steiner's infamous promo. However, the subject of our news this week is SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, who says that there's an 85% chance he will wrestle again.

Not only will he wrestle again, there's a 20% chance that he will wrestle for WWE. Check out the link and make the 'yes' sign:

In case you didn't know...

In the modern era, it is nearly impossible for a white meat babyface to get over.

However, Daniel Bryan was the exception, fighting as the underdog against the regime of The Authority, culminating in a massive title win at WrestleMania 30; one of the best stories WWE has told in recent memory.

Sadly, he had to retire from the ring owing to a series of concussion-related injuries that he has sustained during his wrestling career.

The heart of the matter

Still the most popular babyface in WWE, Daniel Bryan is currently playing the role of the SmackDown Live General Manager.

During an interview with SiriusXM Busted Open, Bryan revealed the percentages we mentioned earlier and said that if a test shows that he shouldn't wrestle again, he won't. However, the numbers reflect that he's positive that he will make a comeback.

Bryan maintains that one of the biggest issues at hand is if he were to be cleared by WWE, as he wants to be with his daughter, and not working 200+ dates on the road away from those he loves most.

An interesting thing that Daniel Bryan mentioned during the interview is that WWE wants him to wrestle, which is a twist in itself given the narrative since he retired.

What's next?

Daniel Bryan is expected back at work this week, leading into Survivor Series 2017. He was nursing a kayfabe injury after an attack from Kane, through WWE's recent UK tour.

Expect loud 'yes' chants when he comes on screen.

Author's take

I would be game either way. Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles or Bobby Roode in WWE is just as interesting as seeing him face Okada, Omega or Naito in Japan.

There's no one who enjoys wrestling as much as Bryan does, and he deserves to return to the ring.

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