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WWE News: Daniel Bryan wants to make the entire Bullet Club tap out

8.34K   //    21 Sep 2017, 09:50 IST

Could it
Could it really happen?

What's the story?

Daniel Bryan looks like he's on his way back to the ring. During a recent social media Q&A, he fielded some questions and his answers were rather interesting.

When asked who he would like to face when he returned to the independent wrestling scene he said he'd like to make the entire Bullet Club tap out.

In case you didn't know...

Daniel Bryan was forced to retire because WWE didn't think it was safe for him to wrestle anymore, following a string of concussions and a lesion to the brain.

With his contract reportedly ending in 2018, the idea of Daniel Bryan returning to the ring is becoming even more plausible.

The heart of the matter

Daniel Bryan recently held a Q&A on Twitter where he answered many questions. Some of the queries he received concerned his ideas about reincarnation and what his daughter's submission hold would be. Birdie Joe would use the heel hook just in case you were wondering.

But it got very interesting when one fan asked him "who would you like to wrestle in the Indy scene first once you come back?" Daniel Bryan didn't leave much to the imagination with his response.

Cody Rhodes was quick to respond by saying Daniel Bryan knows where to find them and if that fails, they know where to find him.


Matt Jackson from the Young Bucks also sent out a response. But his included no words and only a picture of a very intrigued looking Dave Meltzer. The Wrestling Observer might have to add some stars to the rating system if Daniel Bryan is able to have matches with some of the Bullet Club anytime soon.

Another fan asked Daniel Bryan, "would you wrestle Kenny Omega and where would you fight him?"

Daniel Bryan responded by saying he's game and it doesn't matter where they have the match as long as it's in front of a large audience. He might have said "any big arena" but he very well could have meant the Tokoyo Dome.

The Cleaner Kenny Omega responded to Daniel Bryan as well, stating that they had some unfinished business:

What's next?

In all likelihood, we might very well see a feud between Daniel Bryan and the entire Bullet Club in due time. After all, rumors indicate the SmackDown Live GM is coming back to the ring, one way or another.

If WWE won't approve his return, the Bearded GOAT might just opt not to sign a new contract when it is up in 2018. After that, he would be free to apply his craft whereever he wanted to.

Author's take

Regardless of what Daniel Bryan decides to do during the next phase of his career I just hope he's able to stay healthy. He needs to think about his safety which could translate into a less impactful move set, but he would still have to take everyone else's bumps along the way.

But it would still be incredible to see Daniel Bryan run through the Bullet Club.

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