WWE News: Daniel Bryan says he didn't like The Rock or Stone Cold; reveals his favourite wrestler 

Daniel Bryan is the current SmackDown Live GM
Daniel Bryan is the current SmackDown Live GM

What's the story?

WWE SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, in a recent interview with Hot 97's podcast with Peter Rosenberg spoke on a variety of topics like his career-ending injuries, his lifestyle, and also revealed something that would surprise several fans.

The former WWE World Heavyweight champion said that he wasn't a fan of The Rock or Stone Cold in his younger days.

In case you didn't know...

Bryan, who returned to the WWE in 2010, had an incredibly successful run, becoming the United States champion, World Heavyweight champion and the Tag Team champion, before being forced to retire due to a number of injuries.

The current SmackDown GM was a star on the indies and is regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers in recent times and his choice of his favourite wrestler comes as no surprise.

The heart of the matter

Bryan said that although he appreciated the talents that The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin had with the mic in their hands, he preferred to watch a wrestler with technical expertise like Dean Malenko.

"The part about wrestling that I like the least -- and I'm one of the very few people who as a wrestling fan, didn't like The Rock, or Stone Cold Steve Austin, because they would go out and cut these awesome and entertaining promos. I can appreciate how good they were at it -- that wasn't my deal," said Bryan.

He then turned to Rosenberg's fellow radio host, Ebro, and asked him if he knew The Rock even though he wasn't a wrestling fan, and the radio host replied and said he loved The Rock and knew of him. Bryan then asked if he knew about Dean Malenko and then declared Malenko as his favourite.

"He was (Malenko) very, very technical and some ways -- some people who are not into the interview part of it (promos), they like the fight aspect, where it's a big brawl; Dean Malenko was also not that guy. He was the guy who would do a sweet drop toehold... that was my kind of thing," said the SmackDown GM.

What's next?

In the interview, Bryan again reiterated his desire to return to in-ring action and confirmed that if he is still only the SmackDown GM at the end of his contract, he will quit the WWE.

Currently, on SmackDown, Bryan is in a mini-feud with SmackDown Live Commissioner, Shane McMahon.

Author's take

It comes as no surprise that Daniel Bryan is a fan of Dean Malenko, who is considered as one of the best technical wrestlers to have wrestled in the WWE!

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