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WWE News: Details on Vickie Guerrero asking to return to the company

Danny Hart
Published Oct 02, 2019
Oct 02, 2019 IST

Vickie Guerrero is best known for her work as a General Manager
Vickie Guerrero is best known for her work as a General Manager

Vickie Guerrero recently answered dozens of questions from fans on the debut episode of her podcast, Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show.

The former WWE General Manager revealed that she informed the company about her decision to leave one year before her departure in June 2014, as she felt it would be better to exit on her own terms rather than potentially get fired.

Since leaving WWE, Guerrero has continued to connect with fans at various shows and conventions, while she has hinted that she will have wrestling guests on her new podcast in the coming months.

Interestingly, she mentioned on her first podcast episode that she asked WWE if she could return to the company in a permanent role again, but they did not take her up on the offer.

“I wanted to leave my doors open because it was important for me to do that. It’s such a surreal thing because I keep going back, and I’ve asked WWE if I can go back [permanently] and they told me ‘no’. I’m just going to keep my doors open and if they ever ask me [to return], yeah, I would do it in a heartbeat because I miss the ring all the time. I don’t miss the politics, but I miss the ring.”

Vickie Guerrero’s WWE legacy

After originally agreeing to perform in an on-screen WWE role for two months, Vickie Guerrero ended up staying with the company for close to a decade, becoming one of the most despised heels of her generation in the process.

The widow of Eddie Guerrero only had to say two words – “Excuse me!” – to command the attention of WWE audiences, and she was also known for her memorable alliances with top male Superstars including Edge and Dolph Ziggler.

In recent years, Guerrero has made sporadic appearances on WWE television, notably at the 2018 Royal Rumble when she entered at #16 before being eliminated after just 57 seconds.

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