Diamond Dallas Page says 3-time AEW Champion would be "monster money" in WWE (Exclusive)

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Diamond Dallas Page on AEW Dynamite
Diamond Dallas Page on AEW Dynamite

There are quite a few wrestlers in AEW that Diamond Dallas Page knows personally. Those include not only the veterans and big names, but also some of the rising stars in the company. But when asked to pick three AEW stars that he would sign if he was a talent scout for WWE, Diamond Dallas Page chose MJF, Cody Rhodes and Britt Baker.

At some point in the future, there could be bidding wars for AEW superstars. Wardlow is one such wrestler, with recent reports indicating WWE sees big potential in the 33-year-old.

But Diamond Dallas Page chose to look beyond Wardlow while making his picks. On the latest episode of The Bro Show, the Hall of Famer selected MJF as his first name and also explained why.

"My top pick, no matter what, is MJF, because he's been my boy all the way through," Page said. "I just watched that promo again with him and [CM] Punk, the 19-minute promo, on both sides - Punk and him, it was money. MJF is one of the only true heels in the business."

Diamond Dallas Page then went on to name AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker and former WWE star Cody Rhodes. Page believes the latter, a three-time AEW Champion, would be "monster money" with WWE now.

"My number two pick would be Britt Baker because that girl is over," he said. "And she works her a** off, and when she did the whole bloodbath deal, she took it to a different level."
"The [third] guy I bring in is Cody Rhodes, who can talk as good or better than anybody in the business and I think he would be monster money there now," Page added. "He proved what he had to prove. He did it in a big way, and it would be brilliant of them to sign MJF, Britt [Baker], and him."

Vince Russo also gave his picks, and MJF was the name he had in common with Diamond Dallas Page. In addition to MJF, Russo went with Wardlow and Darby Allin as potential big stars in WWE.

Is Diamond Dallas Page right about Cody Rhodes in WWE?

Whether Cody Rhodes would thrive in WWE or not is up for debate. When he departed the company in 2016, Rhodes had a mission in mind. He created a big buzz for himself by wrestling a special bucket list of superstars he wanted to face outside of WWE.

Circumstances led to Rhodes getting opportunities in some of the biggest promotions in the world, including New Japan Pro Wrestling. One thing led to another, and the second-generation wrestler eventually became one of the key figures in the foundation of AEW.

Many fans believe it would be unlikely for Rhodes to leave now. But after the recent acquisition of several big names, the 36-year-old could find opportunities at the top of the card hard to come by.

Is DDP right about Cody Rhodes possibly being a big-money star for WWE? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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