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WWE News: Does Steve Austin think his character would get over with a PG audience?

David Cullen
2.14K   //    19 Feb 2018, 20:50 IST

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What’s the story?

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently had Chris Jericho as a guest on his podcast and spoke on if his character would work with today's WWE audience.

In case you didn’t know…

Many fans and people within WWE like to say how it was D-Generation X and the Montreal Screwjob to be what really started the Attitude Era, but we all really know the father of the Attitude Era will always be Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While always a great wrestler, Austin got over with the WWE audience due to his demeanor and use of foul language and sticking up his middle finger.

The heart of the matter

While speaking to Chris Jericho, Steve Austin commented on if his character would work in the PG era. Austin said:

“With the rule system that is in place now, there were rules back when I was running wild there, right? But you just push the envelope due to whatever the rule structure is. People say, ‘could Stone Cold Steve Austin get over in today’s WWE?’ Hell yeah, I could. Same rules, same guy.”

What’s next?

Stone Cold Steve Austin will continue to host his podcast. It has now been a year and a half since his podcast was featured on the WWE Network and many fans are hoping we will see it again this year, but it doesn't look very likely at the moment.

Author’s take

I would like to think a character like Stone Cold Steve Austin would work in WWE today. While the company was PG back in the mid-90's also, today WWE are more behind it due to the big partnerships and sponsors they now have, and thus I believe that a character like that today would be stopped before it could ever start.

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