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WWE News: Dolph Ziggler's response to fan outrage over HBK impression on SmackDown Live

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What's the story?

Dolph Ziggler recently added Shawn Michaels' entrance to his slew of parodies as part of his new gimmick.

Some fans took exception to Ziggler imitating HBK and he had a rather interesting response.

In case you didn't know....

Dolph Ziggler has been pretty busy recently trying out new gimmicks. He commented about how he didn't know what the fans wanted. He finally came to the conclusion that fans must like flashy gimmicks and entrances. He claims he's the best in the ring, so it has to be the lack of a showy entrance.

Dolph has been doing a running segment on SmackDown Live for the past few weeks where he tries out several different entrances and comments about how they're not good enough.

He's parodied many legends and current WWE Superstars while performing his medley of entrances. This week, one of the people he chose was Shawn Michaels and some people didn't like that very much.

The heart of the matter

Dolph Ziggler resembles the Heartbreak Kid in a few ways and fans have taken notice for quite some time.

One critical fan tweeted out: "Im sorry but @HEELZiggler spoofing hbk entrance on sd..wasnt that your whole gimmick for some time?"

The Show Off was quick to reply and he broke down the fourth wall a little bit with his response. His reponse on Twitter was very sarcastic and rather, tongue in cheek, as well.


What's next?

Ziggler will keep trying these gimmicks out until he finds one that works for him. Rumors were rampant that this angle might lead to a feud with Bobby Roode, seeing how he has a 'Glorious' entrance. But only time will tell how this will pan out for The Show Off.

There are also rumors Dolph Ziggler might be leaving WWE as soon as his contract is up. So it might only be a matter of time before we see Ziggler take his talents elsewhere.

Author's take

This current program with Ziggler entertains me. He ended the first two weeks saying "I don't give a damn about you either" and this last week he switched it up to just saying he didn't care. So maybe they're lightening up his verbiage a little bit, but the formula appears to be the same.

I just have to wonder how many weeks we'll be treated to Ziggler trying out new gimmicks before he either finds one that fits him just right, or he gets stopped in his tracks.

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