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WWE News: Dustin Rhodes reveals Vince McMahon 'scoffed' at his WrestleMania idea

10.48K   //    16 Jun 2019, 23:03 IST

Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes and Vince McMahon
Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes and Vince McMahon

What's the story?

Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust had possibly the best match of his entire career in May at AEW: Double or Nothing against his brother Cody Rhodes. The two brothers put up a show which astounded the entire audience, something that they did not do at WWE -- or were not allowed to do.

Goldust recently appeared on the Talk is Jericho podcast, where he shared how his idea for a match between himself and Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania was 'scoffed' at by Vince McMahon and turned down.

In case you didn't know...

Dustin Rhodes spent his entire career in WWE as Goldust -- a gimmick that he managed to get over better than anyone could have ever imagined. However, despite his ability to pull off a gimmick that is so difficult, he was never given the proper respect he deserved by the WWE creative team, with him spending more time in funny situations instead of proper feuds.

Since leaving WWE, he managed to have an excellent match against his brother Cody Rhodes at AEW: Double or Nothing. After an upcoming tag team match with his brother, he may retire from the wrestling business once and for all.

The heart of the matter

While Goldust and Cody Rhodes were given a match against each other, it was at WWE Fastlane, a pay-per-view that no one cared about. As a result, the feud was not given time to build and the pair had a lacklustre match for which Goldust takes the blame.

He said that when he pitched a match between himself and his brother at WrestleMania to Vince McMahon, the Chairman was not convinced it was good enough and scoffed.

"I had the shoulder surgeries and I was the producer at this point and backstage and in the meetings and I pitched it in the meeting and Vince McMahon kind of scoffed at it and you go on and pitch it the next year and the next." - h/t Wrestling Inc

He went on to say that in a pay-per-view which had 7 hours and all sorts of matches, there was no reason that they could not have had a match.

"I apologize for that but once I talked to Cody about this WrestleMania match that we wanted to be done on a big stage because we really believed in it and we kept getting told no. We kept getting told no and that the match wasn't big enough. I kept getting that told to me more than I want to hear. I think it is wrong. I think definitely you can go on that big show; especially when you look at the seven hours show that they put on and that I watched this year. I was part of it the year before that it is like, why not? Why couldn't we be in here? There's no reason why when you get behind a story and just push it a little bit the interest would be there. I think that over the years the more we were told no year after year and when it finally came to head when the people that were ready for it." - h/t Wrestling Inc

Dustin and Cody Rhodes certainly proved them wrong after Double or Nothing, in what was possibly the best match of the night by far.

What's next?

Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes are set to team up to take on The Young Bucks in a tag team match at AEW: Fight For The Fallen on the 13th of July.