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WWE News: ECW Legend Joey Styles fired from EVOLVE

Styles fired over a vulgar comment directed towards the ring announcer.

Styles fired over tasteless comments

ECW Legend, Joey Styles, was released from EVOLVE yesterday after making tasteless comments during EVOLVE 72. 

This issue occurred during a segment in which, Styles who has been feuding with Stokely Hathaway, manager to the EVOLVE World Champion Timothy Thatcher, went off topic saying, that despite having been prohibited by WWN Vice-President and Booker, Gabe Sapolsky, from making political jokes, he was the one with the live microphone. 

Styles proceeded by complimenting ring announcer, Joanna Rose, on her looks before hinting that the new President-Elect, if he were in attendance, might like to "grab her by the—" and stopped himself before saying the last word of the phrase. He then stated that the word he cut off at the end of his statement, brings him to Timothy Thatcher's manager, Stokely Hathaway. 

Fans did not like hearing such comments during the segment and voiced their displeasure to Gabe Sapolsky, who took acknowledged the comments and tweeted out the message below:

After taking swift action against Styles, Sapolsky tweeted out another message, confirming Styles' dismissal from EVOLVE and would not like to further comment on the matter.

After briefly working as a play-by-play commentator for WWE's reincarnation of ECW, Styles retired from the commentating booth and started working in the company as the Vice President of Digital Media Content. 

Styles was fired from the WWE after a Q&A session with WWE correspondent Cathy Kelly, in which he made comments concerning Vince McMahon fondness for Roman Reigns, his dislike for the WWE Universal Championship, and for the three-man commentating teams. 

After getting dismissed by the WWE, Styles started working in the Independent Circuit, commentating for Chikara's King of Trios tournament, and then later working as a commentator for EVOLVE. 

Styles is best known for his run as a commentator for the Paul Heyman controlled, Extreme Championship Wrestling from 1993 to 2001 before ECW filed for bankruptcy. 

Below is the Facebook Q&A that got Styles fired from the WWE:-

The below video contains footage of Syles joining EVOLVE after his dismissal from the WWE:

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