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WWE News: Edge on what Vince McMahon told him before his first MITB cash In

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The Rated-R Superstar, Edge
The Rated-R Superstar, Edge

What's the story?

On January of 2006, during WWE's New Year's Revolution, John Cena survived a brutal Elimination Chamber match to retain his WWE Championship. However, little did he know that history was about to be made.

As Cena's music played, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon came to the stage to announce that there would be one final match that evening - Edge was about to cash in the first ever Money In The Bank contract.

In case you didn't know...

Edge won the original MITB contract at WrestleMania 21 earlier the year before and held onto it for several months. Since there had been no precedent sent before, nobody knew quite how this new gimmick would play out. Edge, in full heel mode, proposed that he should cash in when the babyface champion was at his lowest. McMahon bought into the idea... but he was hesitant.

The heart of the matter

So, according to the WWE Hall of Famer on his own podcast, what were Vince's words before he went out to create that historic moment?

"Prove me right."

“Prove me right, prove me right because he was the only one that was in my corner. Everybody else either thought it was too soon, after 9 years with the company [laughs]. Or didn’t think it was going to work or whatever”

According to the soon-to-be new champion, Edge was ready to "tear the world apart."

What's next?

Well, with Edge retired, there's not much chance for the Rated-R Superstar to reclaim his title. Especially not against his rival, John Cena, who is working fewer and fewer matches these days (although he's set to take on Roman Reigns at next week's No Mercy).

Author's take

It's bittersweet to hear stories like this because, one on hand, we'd love to see Edge back in a WWE ring but, also, we know it's never going to happen. But, hopefully, future Superstars will take stories like this to heart and remember how hard guys like Edge worked to get to where they eventually ended up.

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