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WWE News: Elias calls out The Rock!

Gary Cassidy
1.80K   //    13 Jul 2018, 21:00 IST

New Orleans will be walking with Elias

What’s the story?

Well, it's the dream match or at least dream segment, we've all been waiting for - Elias vs The Rock in a sing-off - and now Elias has called out The People's Champion while speaking on Busted Open Radio and invited The Great One to Raw personally for the conflict!

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In case you didn’t know…

Elias is over!

Since arriving on the main roster, The Drifter managed to create a genuine connection with the WWE Universe through his unique segment which kicks off pretty much every single one of his matches.

Elias has only come out to his entrance music once on Raw, during the Gauntlet Match, and usually is introduced while sitting on a stool in the dark, when a spotlight hits to reveal the former NXT star with his guitar.

Every time we see him, Elias tries to get a cheer from the crowd, only to pick his moment and turn on them, dissing them through a song. Elias is reportedly one of WWE's biggest merchandise sellers with his, "What does WWE stand for?" Getting a louder scream of "WALK WITH ELIAS" every single week.

The heart of the matter

Elias recently spoke to Busted Open Radio where he issued a direct challenge to The Rock after months of speculation linked the pair to a WrestleMania showdown that inevitably never happened.

The Raw star had some choice words for The People's Champion during his appearance on air and, while complimenting The Great One at first, The Drifter went on to explain why he's the veteran and would be the favorite to win if the pair met.

I'm well aware all the things The Rock has done in the wrestling business and in life. The guy is just a next-level human being. I was getting comparisons here because he played guitar a few times or whatever on television and I wanna throw this out there. He's done that maybe five times, maybe six times or something like that on WWE television on Monday Night Raw.

Elias, now endorsed by Fender, wasn't just content with stating his supremacy in the guitar world, though, as he went on to issue a full challenge to the Hollywood star.

Rock if you're out there listening, I'm doing it every single week. I'm doing it out there in front of millions of people all around the world every single week. I'm doing in in front of 10,000 in-person live every show I go to. So why don't you come walk with Elias so I can show you how it's really done?

He concluded his invitation to The Great One by saying, "WWE is my company, it's my show. Come on back, Rock."

You can hear the interview in its entirety below.

What’s next?

Well, will it eventually happen? We hope so!

How would you like to see The Rock vs Elias go down? Let us know in the comments.

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