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WWE News: Elias reveals the man who pushed for him to be on TV

Riju Dasgupta
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The Drifter had a legend by his side, from the start
The Drifter had a legend who believed in him, from the start

What's the story?

With his guitar at his side, Elias is now a mainstay on RAW, the flagship WWE brand. In an interview with 'The Steve Austin Show', Elias disclosed who pushed for him to be on television.

As with a lot of performers who were at the WWE Performance Center, Elias revealed it was none other than Dusty Rhodes, who believed in him from the start. We thank E Wrestling News for the transcript of the same.

In case you didn't know...

Elias is one of those performers that has performed far better on the main roster than he did in NXT. His gimmick of deriding the city he is in, through a song, is something that garners him a lot of heel heat.

Elias has worked his way to the top but not without some help, through his WWE journey.

The heart of the matter

Elias presented a character called The Judge to Dusty Rhodes when they first met. It was a darker version of the character he currently plays:

I had my hat and guitar; instead of singing songs I would tell stories and would strum in between. He loves that old western stuff, and those Clint Eastwood things, so he loved it the second he saw it.
I felt that he was on my side from the time there until the time I got on NXT TV and until the time he passed.

Elias also mentioned how "The American Dream" pushed him to be on TV:

I throw this out there, but I kind of feel like I was one of his last real people that he put investment in and time in and cared for and pulled for to be on TV before he passed I felt that he pushed for Triple H to put me on television, so what a great guy.

What's next?

Elias is one of the most important performers on RAW and is going from strength to strength on the main roster.

Author's take

I always liked Elias, even when he was in NXT. Like Alexa Bliss and Carmella, he's one of those performers who was made for the main roster.

Kudos to The American Dream for recognizing the talent in him and pushing him to the top!

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