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WWE News: Enzo Amore invades Survivor Series 

19 Nov 2018, 07:24 IST

Enzo Amore tried to return at Survivor Series
Enzo Amore tried to return at Survivor Series

Enzo Amore was released from WWE back in January after a number of personal issues became public knowledge and WWE decided that their best option was to cut ties with the former Cruiserweight Champion.

Amore has since stated that he won't make a return to the ring in the near future, which is why he has moved into a career as a rapper, but recently made the news when he was kicked off a plane for vaping.

Interestingly, Amore recently tweeted about fighting fire with fire, before he was then spotted in the crowd at Survivor Series. The former Champion then stood up and drew attention to himself before shouting a number of things and being escorted out of the arena by security.

Enzo even brought his own Championship with him and was able to get the crowd to chant Enzo whilst AOP took on Sheamus and Cesaro as part of the show, but it's unknown why Amore decided to shell out money for ringside tickets just so that he could promote himself.

Amore was wearing his old Enzo and Cass shirt and even had his old haircut but it wasn't enough for him to remain in the arena since he was moved out of the building after he tried to jump the barricade. He also seemed to be making a reference to this incident on Twitter. How the entire situation panned out can be seen in the videos below.

Many fans believed that Amore was in the arena so that he could interfere in the Cruiserweight Championship match, but it doesn't look as though WWE is ready to bring him back at this present moment. If this latest stunt is anything to go by, he won't be coming back any time soon.

Do you think Enzo Amore will ever be welcomed back to the WWE roster? Have your say in the comments section below...

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