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WWE News: Eric Bischoff lavishes praise on the decision to put Goldberg over Kevin Owens

Bischoff gives his thoughts on the Owens vs. Goldberg match.

Bischoff has been very impressed with Goldberg’s latest run.

What’s the story?

On the most recent edition of Eric Bischoff’s podcast, he gave his thoughts on several hot topics in the world of pro wrestling, including how the Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg match at Fastlane went down. He specifically mentioned that he thought WWE’s handling of the match was masterful.

In case you didn’t know...

“Bischoff on Wrestling” is the title of former WCW Executive Producer and Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff’s podcast.  The podcast premiered last July and just released its 33rd episode. Guests on previous episodes of the podcast have included the likes of Hulk Hogan, Gene Okerlund, Sean Waltman, Madusa, Lex Luger, Jim Ross, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

The heart of the matter

Bischoff said that he understands the viewpoints of certain fans that didn’t care for the WWE Universal Championship match at WWE Fastlane.  Eric said that there is a perceived knowledge in the internet wrestling community of what happens when people are put over or, “buried,” in a certain way.  

He said that internet wrestling fans think they have an understanding of what really works, but intimated that they don’t know as much as they like to think they do.  He also sang the praises of Kevin Owens.

“Kevin Owens is a great talent. End of conversation. When you take a great talent like Kevin Owens. Who has had a phenomenal story, by the way. A tremendous amount of television time. Creative resources. Other talent putting him over. The Rock put him over for crying out loud! Not in a match, but still, look at all of the resources that have gone in to building up Kevin Owens.”

Bischoff went on to say that if anyone thinks that the way Owens lost the Universal Championship is the end of his career, that’s just because of their lack of knowledge about the wrestling business.  Eric said that WWE would be able to build Owens back up based on the reaction of those fans because those fans want him to succeed.  

The former Raw General Manger then stated that in that regard, he thinks the WWE’s booking decision for the Owens vs. Goldberg match was masterful.  He stated that it may have been a little aggressive, but that everyone’s talking about that booking decision.

He then stated because of the way that Owens was booked in that one moment that people will be rallying around him the next time he starts to make his way up the ladder from a creative standpoint.  Bischoff finished his thoughts by asking fans to stop analysing everything and just enjoy the ride.

What’s next? 

New episodes of Bischoff on Wrestling are available for download every Wednesday.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Bischoff does have a point about how some fans overreact to everything and forget that wrestling is supposed to be entertainment.  However, it’s kind of difficult to slow down and think about things logically when fans are starting to realise that WWE is pushing today’s superstars to the backburner for part-time legends more and more often.

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