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WWE News: Eric Bischoff says he doesn't like the idea of Bray Wyatt himself playing Sister Abigail

Soumik Datta
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Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff

What’s the story?

On his latest podcast episode of “Bischoff on Wrestling” former WCW President, Eric Bischoff discussed a lot of topics such as Shayna Baszler signing with WWE, Lance Russell’s passing and also talked about the recent Sister Abigail storyline in Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor’s rivalry.

Bischoff went on to express his thoughts on the possibility of Bray Wyatt playing Sister Abigail all by himself.

In case you didn’t know…

On the last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Bray Wyatt cut a promo on Finn Balor and once again teased the debut of Sister Abigail. Since then there have been many speculations on who could possibly play the character of Abigail. Some rumours suggested that it could be a returning Paige, whereas on the other hand NXT superstar Sage Beckett also teased a possibility on Twitter recently.

But according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Sister Abigail will not be played by any female wrestler but it will rather be portrayed by Bray Wyatt himself, who will be wrestling in a new outfit when he squares up against Finn Balor one more time in TLC.

The heart of the matter

On his recent podcast, Bischoff explained why he can’t buy the idea of Wyatt dressed up as Abigail and portraying a female character.

Bischoff says that this angle reminds him of what TNA did with Monster Abyss when they turned him into Joseph Park and asked him to play an alter-ego sort of character. The former Raw GM thinks that there is a particular type of fanbase who are fond of this sort of storyline, but the majority of the WWE universe will soon turn against the idea and will not buy into it. When asked about his own thoughts, Bischoff said that this is not his kind of story.

“The alter-ego kind of thing is, eh, look, some people like it. You are asking me what I think? It’s not my kind of story because it’s not the kind of story that allows me, even at the most subconscious level after a six-pack, to go, “Wow, this could be true!”

Bischoff believes that there needs to be some sort of degree into the character or the storyline but until then he just cannot wrap his head around this angle and get excited about it.

The former TNA Executive Producer also had high praises for Bray Wyatt, who he thinks plays a real character, unlike various other superstars who portray gimmicks of a garbage man, clown or even a psychopath. Bischoff added by saying that such type of gimmicks often tends to become very popular.

What’s next?

By now it is very clear that Bray Wyatt’s rivalry with Finn Balor is just far from over, and according to current plans, both men might face each other one more time at the TLC pay-per-view later this month.

But the current Sister Abigail situation still remains unclear, whether it will be Wyatt himself playing the role or will WWE finally get a female superstar to portray Abigail.

Author’s take

I completely agree with Eric Bischoff here, it will be really stupid for Wyatt to dress up as a lady and wrestle Balor. I believe WWE should call up someone from NXT to play the role (which will also massively benefit that particular NXT superstar).

Sage Beckett could fit in for the role, a returning Paige will also be huge and that will aid Wyatt himself but I personally would love to see Sarah Logan play the Sister Abigail character.

Logan was previously known as Crazy Mary Dobson and played a similar gimmick, so it is safe to say she could perfectly fit into the role.

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