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WWE News: Eva Marie responds to her name being mentioned on Raw

Marie came up with a witty response to the Sami Zayn-Mick Foley saga that unfolded on Raw this week.

Marie started trending on Twitter when her name was used on Raw

Eva Marie, who forms part of the SmackDown Live women’s division, received a rare and unexpected mention on the latest episode of Raw. This happened during the heated in-ring exchange between the red brand’s general manager, Mick Foley, and Sami Zayn after the latter’s match.

Earlier in the night, Zayn tried his best to coerce Foley into giving him a match against Braun Strowman at Roadblock: End Of The Line. However, since the Hall of Famer was unmoved by his attempts, the former NXT champion declared that he perhaps does not need to be on Raw anymore.

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This prompted Mick Foley to tell him that he will speak to SmackDown Live general manager, Daniel Bryan, and work out a trade. Once Sami had beaten Jinder Mahal in their match, the GM walked down to the ring and announced that the Superstar would be heading to the blue brand in exchange for a talent of similar value.

However, Zayn tried to ask Foley one last time if he can give him the match against Strowman or not, which the latter denied again. Clearly annoyed by his refusal, the talented wrestler said that he was ready to sign wherever required.

Mick Foley asked him if he wanted to know which superstar from the SmackDown Live roster he was being traded against before signing. When the Raw general manager revealed that the exchange was between him and Eva Marie, Sami Zayn lost his temper and yelled at Foley that he was worth a thousand Eva Maries.

A visibly angry Zayn got into the legendary wrestler’s face demanding his match against ‘The Abominable Strowman’. Foley asked Sami to display the same anger and bitterness when he faces Strowman this Sunday at Roadblock: End Of The Line, much to the Superstar’s relief.

Minutes later, Eva Marie took to Twitter and gave a witty reaction to the ‘so-called’ trade-off between her and Sami Zayn which failed to materialise. The women’s Superstar wrote, “Negotiations fell through #RAW can't afford my contract! @wwe #CallMyAgent.”

Marie also pointed out the fact that she was trending worldwide on a show that she didn’t even belong to, and prided herself on managing to create a buzz even without entering the building.

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