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Interview: Ex-WWE Writer Brian Mann unveils incredible story about Seth Rollins' WrestleMania moment

Billi Bhatti
10.26K   //    22 Mar 2017, 09:11 IST
Rollins won the WWE Title at WrestleMania 31

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with us on The Dirty Sheets Podcast Network, via our latest “DS 247” show, Ex-WWE writer Brian Mann revealed when Seth Rollins found out he was cashing in his Money in the Bank, which led to him becoming the WWE Champion for six months. 

In case you didn’t know...

Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania 31, during the Main Event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins pinned Roman Reigns, after arriving during the match when both men were physically spent, making it a triple-threat.

The heart of the matter

During the interview, Mann spoke about the booking and writing process and gave examples of how frantic and last minute things can be. One of the most interesting stories Mann told us centred around Seth Rollins and his Money in the Bank cash-in.

While Mann says he found out that Rollins’ would cash-in the way he did, only two days before the event, Rollins was only told two hours before, which would have been two hours into the actual PPV.

You can hear the full Interview from The Dirty Sheets Podcast’s “DS 247” show by simply activating the Soundcloud link below.

What’s next?

Rollins will take on Triple H at WrestleMania 33 on April 2nd and will be on Raw next Monday to take part in a contract signing segment. The Dirty Sheets have also released a second podcast with Brian Mann, where he gave his thoughts on WrestleMania 33.

You can download the show on iTunes now by going here. 

Author’s take

We often hear speculation about late booking decisions and changes, however, it is very rare that the source is actually as reliable as an ex-WWE Writer, who has been in the company and in the midst of the chaos.

During the conversation, storyline leaks were discussed and it’s possible that the WWE didn’t book the switch at the last minute, but simply wanted to keep such an important and dramatic moment a secret, in order to maximise its effectiveness.

During a time where most planned surprised are leaked, it can be a pleasant surprise when something occurs that isn’t foreseen, predicted or spoiled.

Based on the reaction of the crowd in San Jose that night (I was there), I believe that the WWE managed to do a great job in keeping the switch a secret and should continue to take steps to protect their results and surprises, even if it means keeping talent in the dark until the last possible moment. 

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