WWE News: Ex-WWE writer claims Eve Torres heel turn was decided '5 minutes before the show'

Eve Torres' 2012 heel turn wasn't well-received by fans
Eve Torres' 2012 heel turn wasn't well-received by the WWE Universe

What’s the story?

In a recent edition of The Agenda Podcast, ex-WWE writer Tom Casiello opened up on a myriad of topics.

When talking about Eve Torres’ heel turn in 2012, Casiello revealed that the decision was made by WWE management ‘5 minutes before RAW started’.

In case you didn’t know…

Eve Torres was one of the WWE’s top female Superstars back in 2012 and was a considerably popular babyface.

However, Torres famously turned heel in February of 2012, badmouthing Zack Ryder and asserting her evil plans for John Cena.

The heart of the matter

Eve Torres’ heel turn which took place in a backstage segment on the February 20th episode of Monday Night RAW, where she revealed her villainous plans to The Bella Twins, wasn’t too well-received by fans and experts in the professional wrestling community.

Former WWE employee Tom Casiello, who worked as a writer for the promotion, asserted that Eve Torres’ aforementioned heel turn was a last-minute decision by the WWE.

Furthermore, Casiello emphasized the fact that said decision was quite literally made 5 minutes before the February 20th RAW broadcast.

What’s next?

Eve Torres presently works as a BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) practitioner and trainer, alongside her husband and highly respected BJJ artist Rener Gracie (from the renowned MMA family—The Gracies).

On the other hand, Tom Casiello, who has worked extensively as a writer in the television industry, has moved on to ventures outside the WWE.

Author’s take

The infamous 2012 Eve Torres heel turn transpired at the wrong time and in an incorrect manner.

Nevertheless, Torres seems to have found success outside the world of professional wrestling, and it’s awesome to see her live a happy life. Meanwhile, Tom Casiello seems to have a ton of respect for the WWE, which, again, is a good thing. Here’s wishing both former WWE employees the best of luck in their future endeavours.

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