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WWE News: Fan arrested at WWE Live Event in Buffalo

A young fan was arrested at WWE's Live event this Friday in Buffalo, NY.

WWE’s 3/11 Buffalo, NY live event was a cracker of a show but marred by a young fan’s alleged misbehaviour. 

What’s The Story?

At Friday’s WWE Live show in Buffalo, NY, a young male fan was arrested after he allegedly molested a woman and assaulted two security guards at the event. According to the female victim, the man who goes by the name of David Thompson touched her rear end at the Friday night event. The alleged molestation incident is said to have occurred at around 10 pm Friday night.

In case you didn’t know...

WWE holds live events all round the year with the aforementioned Buffalo show featuring several high-profile Superstars such as Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Roman Reigns, Triple H, Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks, Chris Jericho, among many others.

The heart of the matter

The 26-year-old fan who was in attendance for WWE’s 3/11 event in Buffalo, New York allegedly grabbed the woman’s rear, after which security officials present at the venue apprehended him. Thompson is being accused of having bitten one of the officials and injuring another whilst being held by them.  

David Thompson is being charged with forcible touching, disorderly conduct as well as second and third-degree assault. 

What’s next?

The alleged molester is due in the court of law, with a specific date for his trial yet to be scheduled.

Sportskeeda’s take

At first glance, this seems to be a classic case of an ill-mannered youngster misbehaving with a woman. However, since every alleged criminal has the right to trial in the court of law; Thompson will get to state his case in a bid to prove his innocence. 

Nevertheless, physically assaulting two security officials in front of several witnesses won’t exactly help his case. Here’s hoping the authorities get to the bottom of this and ensure that justice is served. 

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