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WWE News: Fans support Paige on her recent leaked content controversy

Fans form a united front of support for WWE Superstar after turbulent weekend

News 20 Mar 2017, 04:46 IST
Paige has had a turbulent 36 hours since private photos and videos were leaked on Friday. 

What’s the story?

After what can only be described as a terrible 36 hours for the former NXT and WWE Divas Champion, it seems that she can take some form of solace in the way that some of her devoted following have chosen to show their support in the wake of what has happened this weekend. 

In case you didn’t know

Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Belvis) has been conspicuous by her absence on WWE programming since her final televised match on Monday Night RAW, teaming with Sasha Banks on the 27th June last year. On Friday 17th March, a series of explicit photographs and videos were leaked onto the internet professing to include the estranged diva. As rumours continued to surface about who else was in them, Paige took to Twitter in order to respond to the news;

The heart of the matter

However, as the saying goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’ Whilst Paige may be understandably be feeling vulnerable at the moment, fans of the diva and her brothers have formed a united front and set the hashtag #IStandWithPaige trending worldwide on Twitter in an attempt to show their support for her;

What next?

With the WWE in the process of developing a film centred around Paige’s beginnings in her family’s own wrestling promotion to her victory over AJ Lee to become the Divas champion, and considering the fact the relationship with Belvis and the WWE can be considered frosty at best, this is certainly not what was wanted by either party. WWE are yet to comment on the scandal, though it will be interesting to see what they say once they do eventually comment. However, as Paige is undoubtedly looking for any good in this situation going forward, it is likely she is finding some comfort from her loyal fan-base. 

Sportskeeda’s take

Every person, celebrity or not, is entitled to a private life. WWE Superstars are subjected to intense media scrutiny and it is unlikely much of their lives are ever truly private. Therefore it is incredibly unfair that what a person does in the comfort of their own private life is then exposed for the world to see without permission. Yes, Paige will likely be touched by the support shown by fans, but that won’t undo what is already done. Whoever has leaked these photos and videos should hang their head in shame. It is the worst manner of invasion of privacy. 

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