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WWE News: Finn Balor debuts new ring gear at No Mercy

Alex Ferns
6.33K   //    26 Sep 2017, 11:48 IST

Finn Balor debuted new trunks
Finn Balor debuted new trunks

What’s the story?

Finn Balor faced off against 'The Eater of Worlds' Bray Wyatt in the Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA) at the No Mercy PPV. Balor came out victorious in a match that went back and forth match between the two men. However, fans were quick to notice a change to Finn Balor's look.

In case you didn’t know…

Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt have been feuding with each other on Raw since before the SummerSlam PPV, in what has been a battle of mind games. Balor channeled his rarer 'Demon' persona for their square-off at SummerSlam, which was the extra help he needed to defeat Bray at the show. However, the story leading into their No Mercy match was whether or not Finn Balor 'the man' could beat Bray Wyatt without being the 'Demon King'.

The heart of the matter

Finn Balor, without the Demon character, had only worn plain black trunks (with a tiny little red symbol) in his WWE career so far before last night's Raw PPV. However, Balor came out with brand new grey-white trunks and boots to take on 'The New Face of Fear', as well as a slightly different looking jacket.

The new gear really added a new dimension to Balor's look as opposed to the boring black gear he has previously performed in. The new gear, which can be seen in a tweet from WWE and in a seperate picture below, seemed to do Finn no harm as he put on a way above-average match with Bray for the first time since their paths have crossed. Balor overcame the odds and managed to put Wyatt away for the 1, 2, 3 with a Coup de Grace !!!

What's next?

Firstly, in regards to the new gear, let's hope that WWE likes it and that Finn Balor continues to use it going forward, because it makes him look a helluva lot less drab when he steps between the ropes. For any charisma that Balor may lack on the mic, WWE needs to utilise anything possible to give the man an edgier look. These bright-grey trunks defonitely grab people's eye in my opinion.

Secondly, after Balor's war with Wyatt seemingly ended last night, he now needs someone else to feud with. With Finn rumoured to be someone in line to face Universal Champion Brock Lesnar sometime before WrestleMania, possibly at Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble 2018(more likely), he will need strong booking beforehand to look like a credible challenger for 'The Beast'. Two options could work, a match with either the returning Samoa Joe or, Braun Strowman. The latter just suffered a loss of his own to Lesnar at the Staples Center on Sunday night.

Author's take

I believe a few more tweaks to (the man, not the 'Demon') Finn Balor's look and character is definitely needed to lighten the guy up and make him more intriguing. Last night's attire change by Mr.'Coup de Grace' was definitely a welcome move in my books.

I would really like to see Balor have some beef with Braun Strowman, starting tonight on Raw. As much as people are taking about the Shield reuniting (which I am really hyped for, by the way), I would not be shocked to see a realliance between Wyatt and Strowman soon, because ther booking as singles stars has had more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. They could even battle together against Finn.

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