WWE News: Finn Balor reveals that he wants to continue his rivalry with Bray Wyatt

Could we see The Demon vs The Fiend?
Could we see The Demon vs The Fiend?
Gary Cassidy

Despite shocking the WWE Universe with his return to NXT last night, Finn Balor has revealed that he'd love to revisit his rivalry with Bray Wyatt.

In an interview with Newsweek, Finn Balor revealed all about his return to the Black and Gold brand before opening up about his rivalry with The Fiend.

The former WWE Universal Champion revealed that while the rivalry had a conclusion, the door most definitely isn't closed for the pair meeting again somewhere down the road.

Of course that's something I want to revisit. When is the time we'll do that? I don't know, but regarding The Fiend, that is some unfinished business and something I have not forgotten.


Bray Wyatt reacts

Meanwhile, The Fiend himself, Bray Wyatt, reacted to Finn Balor's return to NXT. Following the former NXT Champion's return to the Black and Gold, Wyatt tweeted out his support for the former Universal Champion with one simple letter, one emoji, and Balor's Twitter handle.

Bray Wyatt was Finn Balor's last main roster opponent, with a rivalry culminating at SummerSlam, before Balor's return to NXT after a brief hiatus away from WWE.

Full-time Finn?

One of the biggest questions that came from Balor's appearance on NXT was whether he's now full-time in NXT. While his promo suggested the same, you never know.

Asked by Newsweek, Balor confirmed that is the case.

Right now that's what it means. I'm going to wrestle whenever, whoever I want. That's something I've been chasing for quite some time in my career.
I don't believe in any boundaries be it weight class, country, promotion... And I want to break those boundaries. I'm here at NXT to do that.

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