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WWE News: Former Intercontinental Champion makes sense of Ziggler's Ultimate Warrior Spoof 

Ziggler has found a supporter in Lance Storm
Ziggler has found a supporter in Lance Storm
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 15 Sep 2017, 11:47 IST

What's the story?

Ever since Dolph Ziggler made his 're-debut', he has been parodying wrestlers, who he feels (in kayfabe) were all about their grand entrances and little more. This week, he enacted the entrance of the legendary Ultimate Warrior, and the WWE Universe did not take too kindly.

Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm spoke out in support of Ziggler's new gimmick. This is the message he posted on social media.

In case you didn't know...

Ziggler's new gimmick involves him coming out as various superstars from WWE's past and present, and thus far we've seen him imitate Bayley, Randy Savage, Shane McMahon, Naomi and John Cena, apart from The Ultimate Warrior.

Fans found the last imitation extra disrespectful because Dana Warrior, widow of The Ultimate Warrior, was in the audience that very night.

In fact, whether it was part of the storyline or not, she did not have many good things to say about the segment, at least on social media.


The heart of the matter

Lance Storm seems to be a fan of Ziggler's new gimmick. Storm believes that Ziggler's actions are consistent with his character as a wrestler who is jealous. So by doing a parody of him, in a sense, he's actually doing his job. As explained by Storm, he may even be putting The Ultimate Warrior over, with his actions.

Essentially, it's a message urging fans to allow a heel to play a heel, without getting offended.

What's next?

It should be interesting to see which superstars Ziggler will begin to parody next. The program is obviously building to a feud, and it should be interesting to see how this program transitions into a full-fledged wrestling angle.

Author's take

I am a fan of Ziggler's new gimmick, and I even said so in my 'Best and Worst' column. A good heel should make fans angry and want to see him get beaten, and Ziggler is doing just that, in my personal opinion.

This is a creative way to go about it, and the element of surprise with regard to whom Ziggler will parody next should make things quite entertaining, in the weeks to come.

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Published 15 Sep 2017, 11:47 IST
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