WWE News: Former Superstar reveals how Vince McMahon pitched him his weird gimmick

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

What's the story?

Former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan recently sat down with The Post and Courier, and reflected on his wrestling career.

Morgan revealed that Vince McMahon pitched him the stuttering gimmick that he sported on WWE TV, despite him having a degree in public speaking.

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After training in Ohio Valley for around a year, Morgan was sent up to the main roster, where he wrestled in a Classic Survivor Series 5-on-5 match against Team Angle. He was later sent back to OVW to gain more experience.

Soon after WrestleMania 21, Morgan made his way back to the main roster and began sporting a new gimmick, which saw him being overly defensive about his stuttering problem. He soon aligned with Carlito and helped him defeat The Big Show at Judgment Day 2005. Morgan was soon released, after which he wrestled in several indie promotions.

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The heart of the matter

While talking about his stuttering gimmick, Matt Morgan revealed that Vince pitched the idea to him, as he had always wanted to give the gimmick to a bigger, intimidating Superstar. This is how Vince explained the gimmick to Matt:

"Joe walks into this bar and sees this beautiful woman. Everyone is staring at her; she's absolutely perfect. And you walk up to her and introduce yourself to her and she has a deep voice."
"I get it, there’s an imperfection that nobody expected. And he’s like, 'I wasn’t going to put this on a bigger guy.'

What's next?

Matt Morgan's WWE career never took off, but he went on to do well for himself. He recently became the mayor of Longwood on May 7th, 2019, while WWE is growing with each passing day towards becoming a globally recognized franchise.

What did you think of Morgan's gimmick?

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