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WWE News: Former WCW Champion David Arquette praised by Austin Aries

Thomas Lowson
1.15K   //    28 Sep 2018, 19:00 IST

Aries (left) as Impact World Champion, and Arquette competing in 2018.

What's the story?

Current Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries has given praise to former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and actor David Arquette.

In case you didn't know

Arquette rose to prominence as an actor in the 1990s and is best known for his role as Deputy Dewey Riley in the Scream films, which he appeared with alongside then-wife Courtney Cox of Friends fame.

In 2000, Arquette released Ready To Rumble, a film two wrestling fans who love WCW, with the production featuring several stars from the Georgia-based company, including Diamond Dallas Page, Goldberg, and the Icon Sting.

To coincide with the film's release (as well as WCW's demise) Arquette controversially won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, holding the title for a few weeks before losing the title to 'Double J' Jeff Jarrett.

In December 2010, he had his only match in WWE, teaming with Alex Riley in a losing effort to Randy Orton on Monday Night RAW.

Earlier this year, Arquette announced his return to wrestling and teamed with RJ City to defeat James Ellsworth and Frank the Clown earlier this month.

The heart of the matter

In a tweet, a fan said how Arquette should stay away from professional wrestling after the actor returned to the industry earlier this year.

Responding, Aries listed several reasons why Arquette belongs in the industry, including a genuine passion, being a natural magnet for 'heat', and not being affected by what fans think of him.

Aries also hinted at possibly bringing Arquette to Impact Wrestling, saying these qualities "fit right in" with the company.


What's next?

Impact Wrestling is to host it's biggest event of the year, Bound for Glory next month at the Melrose Ballroom in Astoria, New York.