WWE News: Former World Champion blasts SummerSlam squash, Goldberg responds

Goldberg spears Ziggler
Goldberg spears Ziggler
Abhilash Mendhe

WWE legend Goldberg and former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger recently went at it on Twitter, after Swagger criticized Goldberg's match against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam. Swagger also indicated that Goldberg can't beat him in an MMA fight, to which Goldberg responded by saying: "easy kid".

Goldberg's 2019 return has been marred with controversy from the very beginning, as he was heavily criticized for his Super ShowDown match against The Undertaker. The dream match didn't turn out well, and both Superstars botched several moves, including their finishers. Additionally, NXT Superstar Matt Riddle has been throwing shade at Goldberg ever since he made his return to WWE.


On a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Dolph Ziggler signed the papers for his SummerSlam match against The Miz. A confused Ziggler was hit with the news that it wasn't The Miz that would be facing him at The Biggest Party of the Summer. For a moment, it was teased that Ziggler will be facing Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam, but the Heart Break Kid quickly cleared the air.

To a loud ovation, Goldberg came out and signed the papers. Tonight at SummerSlam, Goldberg made quick work of Dolph Ziggler and hit him with several Spears after the bout.

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Soon after the match was over, MMA fighter and former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger posted a tweet criticizing Goldberg's match. The tweet was responded to by a fan, who claimed that Goldberg could beat Swagger up in an MMA fight.

Swagger hit back by hinting that Goldberg can't touch him when it comes to a real MMA fight. The Hall of Famer seemed to have noticed the exchange, as he chimed in by telling Swagger to take it easy.

A match between Goldberg and Swagger is something we might never see in the future, but both these athletes in their prime would have surely resulted in a must-watch brawl.

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